The day-to-day duties of ICEA are carried out by the core organization staff, led by the President and Executive Secretary General.

President – Bing Qiao

Executive Secretary General – Ferdi Zhang

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff mainly deal with the daily routine of ICEA including contacting the board members, planning and officiating relevant activities, running the official social media accounts, etc.

Amy Lee, Operating Officer
Sylvie Zhang, Communications Officer
Aisin Gioro, Assistant Operating Officer

Heads of Departments

Tao Sun, Deputy Secretary General & Head of Commercial Department
Tony Zhang, Board Member & Head of Asian Affairs Department
Joao Paulo Silva, Deputy Secretary General& Head of Communications Department
Rui He, Head of Match & Competition Department
Xiangjun Mu, Head of Media Department
Bin Zhang, Head of Media Department

Directors of Committees

Yuanxu Qiao, Director of ICEA Equipment Committee
Baitao Wang, Director of ICEA Referee Committee
TBD, Director of ICEA Sports Development Committee
Thomas Heal, Deputy Director of ICEA Sports Development Committee
TBD, Director of ICEA Athlete Committee


ICEA consists of four main departments that cooperate together to achieve the association’s mission and objectives.


The Commercial department deals with the matters of TV rights and sponsorship sales. It aims to develop and strengthen Chinese 8-ball’s new and existing brands as well as sponsors, and the maintenance of the relationships with the press and the pool industry on the whole.

Asian Affairs Department

The Asian Affairs Department mainly copes with the promotion and development of Chinese 8-ball in Asia. The premier duty features propelling Chinese 8-ball’s inclusion into the 2019 SEA Games.

Match & Competition Department

The Match and Competition Department is in charge of the organization of World Chinese 8-Ball Masters events from the players’ entrance of competition, the field coordination, to the closing ceremony. Match and Competition Department is all for it.

Media Department

The Media department is always trying to provide the audience with the best visual feasts such as the live streaming of tournaments, timely pictures and news as well as the interview of the players.

ICEA Committees

ICEA Committees are formed to cope with relevant matters from the various aspects of the game and it’s divided into four committees.

ICEA Referee Committee

Under the auspices of the International Chinese Eight-Ball Association, ICEA Referee Committee studies and grasps the International Chinese 8-ball rules and is in charge of the training and management of Chinese 8-ball referees.

ICEA Equipment Committee

The Equipment Committee makes the equipment specifications applied in Chinese 8-ball tournament, and reserves the right to give the explanation and sanctions the equipment used in the match.

ICEA Sports Development Committee

ICEA Sports Development Committee is responsible for promoting and developing Chinese 8-ball and organizing relevant Chinese 8-ball events worldwide. In addition, it also ensures the application of Chinese 8-ball rules from the uniform regulation to penalties implement according to the regulations while sanctioning Anti-Corruption, Anti-Doping. Modifying ICEA Constitution according to the AGM resolution is also part of its duty.

ICEA Athlete Committee

ICEA Athlete Committee is established to represent the views and rights of athletes worldwide while providing insights and oversight into athletes’ roles and responsibilities. It also enjoys the right to provide advice and suggestions for the healthy development of ICEA.