April 4, 2023

The International Heyball Pool Association (IHPA) are delighted to witness the World Heyball Masters, the prestigious annual event for Heyball held successfully in Qinhuangdao, China. We speak highly of not only the biggest prize money in pool, but also the tournament setup and logistics – all of which made itself a spectacle for the industry and the players. 中式台球国际联合会(IHPA)欣喜地见证中式台球国际大师赛这一蜚声国际的 中式台球年度盛事在中国秦皇岛成功举办。我们高度赞赏大师赛高居全球撞球 赛事榜首的冠军奖金,以及赛事相关布场和后勤工作——这些都为行业和球员 带来了福祉。

Since its establishment in 2012, the IHPA has made unremitting endeavor to the globalization of this sport. As the world governing body of Heyball, IHPA seeks to provide all-dimensional support for Heyball promoters in all its governing territories. According to the IHPA Vision 2030, IHPA vows to establish unified standards for the industry and provide guidance on hosting tournaments, professional training, player registration, etc. IHPA will join force with the WPA in enhancing standardized management in Heyball and Pool-billiard overall to prosper the cue sport family.
自 2012 年成立以来,IHPA 始终致力于中式台球运动的全球化推广。作为中式 台球运动的全球主管团体,IHPA 竭力谋求为其管辖范围内的中式台球推广者 提供全方位的支持。根据《IHPA2030 年愿景》,IHPA 矢誓为中式台球行业建 立统一标准,并在举办赛事、职业培训、球员注册等方面提供帮助与指导。同 时我们将和 WPA 一道继续加强中式台球以及撞球领域的规范化管理,推动世 界撞球大家庭的共同繁荣。

Meanwhile we reiterate that according to the administrative provisions, any Heyball event whose name consists of the term “World”, “lnternational”, “Global”, “Worldwide” or related meanings will need to be approved or sanctioned by the IHPA before they can be carried out. Continental events shall be sanctioned by continental IHPA bodies. If an event fails to follow due process, the IHPA and WPA reserve the right to take disciplinary actions toward such event. 同时,我们重申,根据管理规定,任何名称中包含“世界”、“国际”、“全 球”、“世界范围”或相关含义的中式台球赛事都需要得到 IHPA 的审批方可 合法合规举办。洲际比赛由 IHPA 认定的洲际协会负责审批,如果任何赛事未 履行应循程序,IHPA 和 WPA 以及相关的洲际协会保留对该赛事进一步处理的 权利。

IHPA will spare no effort to support our fellows around the world. We will provide a clear path for events and promotion, so as to pave the way for Heyball activities to be carried out in an orderly way all over the world.

IHPA 将不遗余力地支持和帮助全球同仁,提供明确的赛事承办、推广路径, 从而正规有序地在世界各地开展中式台球运动,让中式台球运动持续奋楫前行。
International Heyball Pool Association (IHPA)