Ding Junhui announced to be the new global promotion ambassador of Heyball

Ding Junhui announced to be the new global promotion ambassador of Heyball

We are pleased to announce that IHPA has signed Ding Junhui as the global promotion ambassador of Heyball. The signing ceremony will be held at the end of March 2023 during the JOY Cup World Heyball Masters Grand Finals, which will broadcast to hundreds of millions of billiards fans around the world.

As a Chinese who has a decisive influence in the world billiards field, it is the general trend to speak for Heyball. For this signing, Ding Junhui said: “Heyball can bring infinite fun to its participants. It is a worldwide popular sport from China, I am more friendly and loving to it as a Chinese, and I am willing to contribute to the development of this sport.”

The development of Heyball has made gratifying achievements in the past decade, and the global promotion has opened a new chapter. As a witness of this process, Ding Junhui fully affirmed it. He said: “As far as I know from the IHPA, Heyball has now entered 64 countries around the world, with hundreds of millions of fans. The winner of the representative event, World Heyball Masters Grand Finals, will win a 5-million RMB prize. It has surpassed the Snooker World Championship to become the billiards event with the highest champion prize. Recently, it has become the discipline of the first WCBS World Championship. On a par with snooker, American Pool, and Carom, it has become one of the four major cue sports in the world. The promotion results have been universally recognized by the whole society.”

It is only a stage goal to become one of the world’s top four cue sports and enter the WCBS Championship. The future of Heyball is the sea of stars, and it is time to develop. After becoming a global promotion ambassador, Ding Junhui is full of confidence in the next work. “In addition to the various events of the Heyball Masters held in China every year, there will also be some continental leagues and tours in the world, which I will pay attention to. When I need to go to the scene, I will definitely go there as required.”

It is not only an honor, but also a heavy responsibility to become the global promotion ambassador of Heyball. It also places the ardent hope of hundreds of millions of billiards enthusiasts. Ding Junhui knows the mission in the shoulder. “As the global promotion ambassador, I need to publicize and promote Heyball in the media and on important occasions around the world, while also taking into account some Heyball training and education activities,” he said.

Ding Junhui’s appointment as the global promotion ambassador of Heyball is undoubtedly a big event that shakes the billiards field at the end of the year, and will also have a profound impact on the future of Heyball. We believe that with the joint efforts of all Heyball players, this Chinese billiards sport, which carries Chinese culture, will become popular all over the world.

From the end of March 2023 to the beginning of April 2023, the 2022 season World Heyball Masters Grand Finals is about to start. At that time, Ding Junhui will also formally take over the appointment letter and become the ambassador for the global promotion of Heyball. At the moment, let’s hope that Heyball will be popular around the world as soon as possible under the influence of Ding Junhui.