2021-04-09 03 : 00pm TEAM BLUE CARDAMOM 91-51 TEAM YEBAO

In the Singles Round, Shi Hanqing from Team Yebao took the first rack. Chu Bingjie from Team Blue Cardamom produced one table-run and a break-and-run. He turned the scoreboard to 10-5. The two masters were neck and neck until Chu ended this round 21-15 with a break-and-run. Later, it was Zheng Yubo who took on the Chinese Pool veteran Li Hewen. Li Hewen maintained the leading position, finishing this round with a comfortable 36-24. In the doubles round, Team Blue Cardamom got the first Golden 9-ball in the Duel King S3! Chu and Li widened the gap and toppled down their opponents 91-51.