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2 Chu Bingjierankings2
3 Kong Deijingrankings3
4 Yu Haitaorankings4
5 Wu Zhenyurankings5
6 Tang Chunxiaorankings6
7 Shi Hanqingrankings7
8 Hao Tianrankings8
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Mission & Vision

To actively coordinate with the International Billiards Association and governing bodies from all countries, to seek friendly cooperation in earning mutual benefits for the continued development of Heyball pool and billiard sports.
To create and determine Rules and Regulations for the discipline of Heyball pool, to make comprehensive planning for the game, to organize, coordinate, and assist with the Heyball pool promotional activities in the world, exercise management and sanctioning matters for members of the association, and to provide beneficial services to the members and the industry.

Duel King Season 4

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Featured Video

All goals of the last year

The Video ever with goals, crazy shots, break shot, frozen ball, position, demonstration, reset the 8 ball.

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First time I see the referee dropping the ball marker, lucky him it didn't hit any ball there lol
Great run by Gareth as always
Adam Blackwell

I would like to see this being played by Chinese pairing with other countries to build friendship as this sport is more focus on creating sportsmanship.

John Stonewell

Great match in prospect here Roger, (this is Thomas) I love this new format.

Monica Dwane
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