Official: ICEA Releases Statement in Response to the EPBF Actions

Official: ICEA Releases Statement in Response to the EPBF Actions

November 17, 2019

ICEA Statement – For the Players, or the interests?

Recently, following their unilateral statement on the Chinese Pool European Tour, EPBF has taken disciplinary actions toward players who legally participated in Chinese Pool events held in Europe. Therefore, ICEA wishes to make the following statement.


It is a truism that EPBF has been the leading force in Europe for pool. As a newcomer to the European pool scene, ICEA fully respects EPBF’s governance in the region and follows the procedure to always consult them before relevant actions, and has done so by initiating the Amsterdam trilateral meeting with the WPA and EPBF.


However, it only seems that EPBF didn’t understand the goodwill we have always conveyed to them: ICEA hopes to work with them to prosper the Billiards Market in Europe, we do so by introducing an exciting new discipline in Chinese Pool which will bring new momentum to European players and fans.


Now that the players are forced to take side after the EPBF ban. May we humbly ask whether such a ban is legal in Europe, a society governed by the rule of law, when a governing body abuses power to block a lawfully presented tournament and thus blocking a player and stakeholder’s economic right?


Secondly, what is EPBF’s deep concern when it arbitrarily refuses ICEA’s olive branch?

ICEA is not interested in contending for power and in taking players as tools for our own profit. Throughout the years ICEA has been promoting the sport in over 40 nations around the world. We bear the mission to truly serve our members and players, and to raise their welfare. What we want in Europe is to bring a new kindling to the less active billiards industry, more income to the players, and more high-quality live games to people who love this game, just as what we have done in Asia and Africa. We believe that the zero-sum game thinking is out of date, only win-win cooperation will awaken market vitality.


Please, leaders of the EPBF, let the players go. ICEA is willing to sit down with you at any time to discuss how to benefit the industry. We respect you, but we strive to do more for the players. After all, which is the foundation of an association, the players, or the benefit?

The pool world is tired of dreary political maneuvers — Players, as free individuals, should be able to participate in all events at will. ICEA reserve the right to respond to all the false allegations and illegal sanctions in legal terms.


ICEA has made a statement in August that the Chinese Pool European Tour, as a long-term plan of the ICEA, will be held continuously for at least five years to come. The champion will receive a winner package valued over 8000 euros, including 5000-euro prize money and a free trip to the World Chinese Pool Masters Grand Finals held in China to compete for the 1,000,000 RMB huge prize. No matter how many participants there are, the prize money will be paid in full and on time. The ranking system has been scientifically constructed to ensure the welfare for all: Top ranked player will receive a Grand Finals spot, while others enjoy the same membership benefits and may also transfer their points to tangible goods.


ICEA fixes our position as an organization to serve, and will devote ourselves to better serving the players and fans of Chinese Pool. We think for every pool-billiard association it is the benefit of the players instead of personal benefits that should be of the top concern. Players are where our strength comes from, and we will do everything we can to accommodate every one of them.


Again, we hope this letter will help clear the air, and we firmly believe that the EPBF shares the same principle as we do: From the players, for the players.


With kind regards,

International Chinese Eight-Ball Association Ltd