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How to Contact us?

You may click on the Facebook icon at the top of page to send us a message, or send an e-mail to for providing valuable comments.You may also fill in the information  in the right-hand column.

How to Sign up for Events Supported by IHPA?

You may connect us by Facebook or E-mail to sign up.

I Want to Hold Events with IHPA Supports.

IHPA will audit your events and then fully support your events once they are approved.You will enjoy IHPA Rankings System, IHPA internation players services,etc.。

I Want to be a Certification Referee.

You should be trained so as to pass a professional referee examination.Then we will arrange you to join in the Heyball events as a referee.

I Want to be a Certification Player.

You should participate in the Chinese 8-ball events supported by IHPA to obtain corresponding POINTS.

You should satisfy the following two requirements to enjoy IHPA Certification Player treatment:

1. Your points meets the requirement of ICEA.

2. Understand and accept all terms and conditions of ICEA.

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