2021-04-08 01 : 00pm TEAM YEBAO 90-83 TEAM CENGGEGOU

Zhang Kunpeng from Team Cenggegou encountered Shi Hanqing from Team Yebao in the first round. Kunpeng made a comfortable 27-11 lead with 1 break-and-run and 3 table-runs. In the second round, Zheng Yubo tried hard to catch up. Li Yingdong showed his coolness finishing this round 45-26. In the doubles game, Team Yebao started their fierce revenge. With tacit cooperation, Zheng and Shi, the world champion duo won 7 consecutive racks at the beginning. The result was unclear until the last minute. As the tension increases, Team Yebao got a table-run and defeated Team Cenggegou with a narrow 90-83.